Everything You Need To Know About Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are not the most popular choice for a few different reasons, including their less natural appearance. But if a dentist has recommended crowns, it may be beneficial to learn more about stainless steel crowns before making any decisions. What Are Stainless Steel Crowns? The crowns are made of nickel, manganese, carbon, iron […]

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How Do Dental Crowns Work?

Dental crowns play a massive role in modern dental work, so it isn’t particularly surprising that you might need to get at least one at some point in your life. Crowns can be used to handle a wide variety of problems and are excellent for restoring the shape and integrity of a tooth. To help […]

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Immediate Loading Of Dental Implants: A Primer

If you are going to undergo dental implant surgery, it’s important to note that, in some cases, you will not have false teeth installed immediately. Rather, the implant process revolves around installing a sort of “base” in your upper or lower jaw and some time will be given in which it is revealed whether your […]

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