• Bone Grafting For Dental Implants: When Is It Necessary?

    If your dentist has recommended dental implants, you might have also heard the term "bone grafting" thrown into the conversation. Bone grafting is the process of adding bone material to the jawbone in order to create a stronger and more stable foundation for dental implants. While that might sound alarming, bone grafting is actually not as scary as it sounds. Here's what you should know. Why Is Bone Grafting Often Necessary Before Dental Implants?
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  • Reasons Every Parent Should Prioritize Dental Cleanings For Kids

    Although most adults try to adhere to their dental cleaning appointments, they often forget about bringing their kids to the dentist for the same service. Strong and healthy teeth are essential for any kid's well-being, so the dentist is needed occasionally. It also becomes easier to prevent dental issues affecting kids even before their permanent teeth grow. Below are some key reasons every child should get dental cleanings every few months.
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