Benefits Of Implant Dentures

Posted on: 3 March 2015

Do you think implant dentures are ultimately better than the standard ones? That's one of the questions most denture wearers ask themselves. Try answering the following questions to help you decide.

  1. Do your dentures slip when you speak?
  2. When you eat, do you get food stuck under your dentures?
  3. Are your dentures starting to lose their grip?
  4. Are you simply sick of those sore gums?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, then you might be interested in learning more about implant dentures.

The Process

What are denture implants? Implant literally refers to the surgery that the patient has to undergo. A few metal posts are implanted into the bone of the dental ridge under the patient's gums and the top part of the posts are left visible above the gum line. Then, the implants are given enough time to heal. The healing process takes an average of two months for most cases. If everything goes well, the patient proceeds to mounting.

The number of implants to be used is based on the type of denture you decide upon. When you have a full denture or even a partial plate, a few strategically positioned posts will do. Single teeth have to be mounted to individual rods.

Advantages of Denture Implants

Permanently implanted dentures have some advantages. Top on the list is stability. Implanted dentures are securely connected to the jaw using metal screws, which means that you don't have to worry about them moving. Slipping dentures when you speak or eat is no longer a worry. Same with dentures rubbing against your gums, leading to sore spots. Implant dentures remain fixed.

Bone Resorption

Most standard denture wearers are eventually going to face the problem of bone resorption. The removal of natural teeth also removes the pressure stimulation to the bony ridges. This leads to a halt in the bone production and the bone starts to crumble, leading to a shrunken look. This particular shrinkage is one of the causes of loose dentures. No denture adjustment or even replacement can stop the process of bone resorption. It will push through to the end of the wearer's life and eventually, it will become impossible for him to wear dentures.

This is the point where implant dentures become better. The implanted titanium posts provide the pressure stimulation you need, which minimizes or totally removes the bone shrinkage that leads to an ill-fitted denture. Titanium is the best material for implants since it matches with the bone tissue. The result is a more stable denture that doesn't lead to soreness!