Enjoy Drinking Red Wine? Follow These Tricks That Will Prevent Teeth Staining

Posted on: 16 January 2016

If you love to drink red wine, it's possible that the drink is causing your teeth to stain. If you simply can't give up your wine drinking habit, and don't want to resort to teeth whitening right away, there are some ways to prevent teeth staining from happening. Try following these tips so that the red wine doesn't affect the color of your teeth.

Clean Your Mouth Before You Drink

Wine can easily stick to plaque that has collected on teeth, and the more plaque you have on your teeth will only lead to darker stains. If you enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, try brushing your teeth prior to starting your evening routine. It will remove those plaque deposits, making it much harder for teeth staining to occur.

Drink Sparkling Water With Wine

Drinking some sparkling water with wine helps reduce teeth staining in a couple of ways. The water will increase how much saliva your mouth produces, which washes away any wine that remains in your mouth after drinking it. The carbonation of sparkling water also has bubbles that will agitate and help remove the remaining wine on your teeth as well.

Eat Cheese With Wine As An Appetizer

When you are at a restaurant having drinks, consider eating an appetizer with your wine. Hard cheeses will help increase calcium deposits in the mouth, which reduce the plaque deposits found on teeth. When brushing before drinking simply isn't an option, enjoying some cheese can help remove the plaque that causes staining to occur. Some cheeses you can try include Cheddar, Romano, and Asiago.

Eat Fresh Vegetables With Your Dinner

Crunchy and fresh vegetables are a wonderful way to get your teeth clean after eating, which includes removing those stains caused from red wine. When you know you are going to drink red wine with dinner, try adding a salad that has fresh vegetables like broccoli and carrots. It will help you enjoy drinking red wine, but not worry about causing stains.

Thankfully, you do not need to give up your red wine habit to have teeth that look great. If you find that your teeth are not staying as white as you would like them, you could always benefit from professional help. Contact a dentist in your area that specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Your teeth will be a few shades whiter by the time you leave the office.