Qualifications You Should Look For When Choosing The Perfect Pediatric Dentist For Your Child

Posted on: 25 February 2016

The experiences that a child incurs during his or her dental visits can help define his or her lifelong perception of professional dental care. It is important to find a pediatric dentist that your child can trust. Here are a few qualifications you should look for when choosing the perfect dentist for your child:

Pediatric Training

Ask about the dentist's education. If he or she is a pediatric dentist, in addition to four years of dentistry school, he or she should have two additional years of residency training in caring for the teeth of  infants, small children and teens.

Kid and Parent-friendly Demeanor

Look for a pediatric dentist who is kid-friendly. He or she should appear to genuinely enjoy children. In addition, the dentist should be parent-friendly and allow you to be involved in the visits. Also, the dentist should be willing to explain to your child what he or she is doing as the dental work is performed. Children tend to feel more secure when they understand what is happening in a clinical setting.

Be sure to search for the best pediatric dentist for your child. Consider the temperament of your child and consider a dentist whom you feel your child will quickly accept.

Office Atmosphere

When you take your child to see a pediatric dentist, the atmosphere of the office should be inviting to children and filled with fun imagery. Many pediatric dentist offices have aquatic, space or jungle themes and hands-on actives and toys to help children feel welcome and comfortable.   

Services Offered

You should expect a good pediatric dentist to offer the following services:

  • Preventive dental care which includes regular cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants

  • Advice about your child's teeth based on his or her specific needs

  • Detection and prevention of tooth decay, gum disease and other difficulties

  • Education on the proper way to brush and floss

  • Education on the effects of certain foods and drinks on teeth and gum

  • Training for new parents how to properly care for infant's teeth 

  • Education on the effects of thumb and finger sucking

  • Ability to assess whether or not your child needs braces to straighten teeth or correct a bad bite

Don't let the hard work of research hinder you from ensuring that your child's teeth are properly cared for by the right dental professional. Visit the pediatric dental office beforehand to see if it meets your expectations. Schedule a consultation with a pediatric dentist in your area today.