What To Expect When Having Your Braces Removed

Posted on: 24 February 2017

If you have been wearing your braces for a while, you are probably anxious to have them removed. Knowing how they are removed and what to expect from the visit can help to reduce any stress you might have about the procedure and help you prepare. The process is typically painless and it won't be long until you have a new smile to show off.

Preparing For Your Visit

Dentists will tell you how long you will need to wear braces, and while it's not an exact science when you can expect to have them removed, it is possible that the date may shift if your teeth have not moved enough or have shifted unexpectedly between visits, so keep that in mind as you set the appointment for removal. Keep up with your oral health routine right up until the appointment. If you are wearing rubber bands on your braces, keep using them until the braces have been removed.

Removing The Braces From Your Teeth

When you arrive for your appointment, the orthodontist will use a small pair of specially designed pliers to gently squeeze the brackets that are on your teeth. This will deform the base of the bracket, breaking the bond with the cement and removing it from the tooth. Each bracket will be removed and discarded in the same way until they have all been removed.

Removing The Residue From The Cement

Once the braces have been removed, there will be some residue on your teeth from the cement that held the brackets in place. The orthodontist will use a special tool to gently scrape the residue off your teeth, but don't worry. It is not painful in most cases and only takes about five minutes to complete.

Making Your Retainer

The orthodontist will take a mold of your mouth after the braces have been removed so they can make your retainer. The process is pretty simply and takes about five minutes to complete.

Once the retainer is complete, the orthodontist will talk to you about scheduling follow-up appointments to check your teeth a few times to ensure that they have not shifted back to their old positions after the removal of the braces. Follow the instructions they give you about wearing your retainer and care of your teeth.

All that is left is to go out and show off that brand new smile to your friends and family.