Why It's A Good Idea To Get A Second Opinion On Your Dental Treatment

Posted on: 11 December 2017

Do you feel uneasy about a certain dental procedure or diagnosis suggested or made by your dentist? Are you wondering whether you should seek a second opinion? What you are feeling is normal. Your dentist should be used to it by now and should not take offense. Here is why you should seek a second opinion:

The Diagnosis

For a small procedure such as filling a cavity, a second opinion is hardly necessary. But if your dentist makes a serious diagnosis or proposes a major procedure, you do well to seek a second opinion.

No matter how good your dentist is, he could be wrong. In case of a major procedure, you want to be sure. The last thing you want is to start treatment for oral cancer or gum surgery, only to realize later on that there was no such thing.


Your current dentist may not have much experience with the procedure he wants to undertake. He may have become used to seeing a particular kind of patient or dealing with a particular kind of condition.

As a result, his knowledge and experience may be limited. Find out how much experience he has with the procedure. How long has he been practicing? If you are not satisfied that he has enough experience to handle the problem, seek a second opinion.


There are several branches of dentistry, each requiring special skills. The recommended procedure may require specialized knowledge which your dentist does not have.

For example, the procedure may require the competence of a dental surgeon, an orthodontist or a pediatric dentist. Ask your dentist what area he specializes in. If he is not specialized in the relevant field, you may need to explore other options.


What kind of equipment and technology does your dentist use to diagnose and treat dental problems? Some equipment and technologies may be more efficient than others.


Cost should not be a deciding factor as to whether you seek a second opinion. However, if the cost sounds unreasonable, shop around. Be careful not to compromise on quality.


Is this procedure necessary? This is especially important if it is a major procedure. A second opinion may suggest a simpler solution. If you are suddenly diagnosed with a myriad of dental problems, consider a second opinion.

Much as you trust your dentist, a time comes when you may need a second opinion. If you feel disturbed about a certain procedure, get as much information as you can and seek a second opinion if it will help you feel more confident. Contact a dental office like Elizabeth Loseke DDS for more information and assistance.