5 Things You Should Be Doing After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Posted on: 11 January 2018

If you have recently been scheduled to go through the process of wisdom teeth removal, you definitely want to prepare your home for when you return. This way, you are ready to recover from the surgical procedure quickly and with ease. To prepare, you want to know what you should be doing after the extraction, which helps you know what to stock up on and get done around the house before the day comes. Here are five things you should be doing after the surgery: 

  1. Get Lots of Rest: The very first and most important thing to do is to get lots of rest. You are likely to be fairly out of it anyway upon returning home that you will immediately want to sleep. To prepare for this, it's recommended your bed sheets be washed and your pillows fluffed to make it as comfortable for yourself as possible. 
  2. Keep Up Dental Habits: You can begin brushing the night you return. However, you are going to want to brush really gently and do not following with rinsing out your mouth. You are going to need a full night's rest to recover a bit before you swish water around your mouth. After thst first night, you can begin rinsing your mouth. It's recommended that you rinse with warm salt water at night and after every meal. Prepare by having a salt water solution you can use. 
  3. Use Tea Bags to Reduce Swelling: Stocking up on some tea bags can be helpful. You can simply take the tea bag and place it on the site of the surgery and bite down for about a half hour. Doing this can reduce swelling and stop bleeding because tea bags have an acid in it that constricts blood vessels. 
  4. Eat Properly: Your diet is going to be a bit different for at least the first two days. You will need to eat soft foods, such as puddings and smoothies, which can replace your regular meals. You can also try soup, but it must be lukewarm and is not generally recommended until the next day. Be sure that you stock up on these things. Getting proper nutrients is important for a fast recovery. 

With these four things in mind, you can better prepare yourself for the day of the surgery. This way, when you come home, you are immediately ready to rest and recover without having to run out to buy things you need. Click here for more information.