Three Reasons Dental Implants Are Best To Fix Tooth Sizing

Posted on: 4 April 2018

Tooth size can be just as important for your smile and for the utilization of your teeth as other characteristics. If you have small teeth in certain areas they may not seem to match with the rest of your mouth. Having smaller than normal teeth in certain spaces can make it difficult to chew appropriately. This can lead to issues with your gums and with food digestion. To fix tooth size, you may pick dental implants to make a change. Here are three reasons to choose dental implants to fix tooth size. 

Implants are more stable

Implants are the most stable method of making permanent changes to your teeth. While tooth bonding can help change the length and width, it will wear off after a time. Veneers work, but they tend to look different than the rest of your teeth, especially in color and in texture. A dental implant can be put in just the one or two teeth that need to be changed. This will provide you with a proper bite and will make you more confident about your smile. 

Implants can be done in the dentist's office

There is no need to find an extra specialist if you are interested in getting implants put on. Your dentist will be able to pull your teeth in the office and install the implant. This means that your usual dentist will be able to perform the service and you will be able to have the procedure done in your usual office. Going to your usual dentist means that they know the type of medication to provide you with in order to numb the pain and they know your past dental issues. With this knowledge, your dentist can prepare a matching implant that matches the rest of your bite and operate without issues. 

Implants last longer 

Veneers are an option when you are looking for the perfect tooth size and width. The issue with veneers is that they may not be able to last as long as you need. If you are young, you can expect to get veneers changed out every 10 years. It is least costly and more economically sound to invest in an implant. Tooth implants will last as for around two decades. In 25 years time, if your mouth has changed, you will be able to have your dentist choose another crown that goes with your new mouth. 

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