Achieving Whiter Teeth

Posted on: 13 December 2018

Whiter teeth can help your smile appear more attractive. Many people who suffer from dental discoloration may not realize that they can improve the look of their teeth with cosmetic dental applications. Here is a bit of information about teeth whitening and how it can be achieved.

Whitening Methods

There are multiple ways to whiten the teeth. Here are a few of them:

  • In-office whitening. A dental professional can whiten your teeth in their dental office by applying a peroxide-based bleaching product to the tooth enamel. 
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) kits. You can purchase an OTC whitening kit that includes an applicator, the whitening product, and detailed application instructions.
  • Natural substances. Some natural substances, such as baking soda, can be applied to polish superficial stains from the teeth. 
  • Whitening rinses. Whitening rinses can be used like mouthwash, while improving the color of the teeth.
  • At-home professional kits. You may also purchase a whitening kit from the dentist for at-home use.

Why Is In-office Whitening Preferred?

Many dental patients prefer in-office professional whitening due to its rapid results and effectiveness. An in-office professional whitening treatment can improve the color of the teeth by several shades after only one application. However, other teeth-whitening applications, such as whitening rinses, may take months to achieve noticeable whitening. 

Additionally, the degree of whitening that an in-office treatment can achieve is much greater than the whitening results of other applications. During an in-office application, the dentist may use specialized lights or heat to intensify the effects of the professional whitener.

Can Dental Stains Be Prevented?

Dental discoloration can be prevented. Here are a few ways to avoid dental stains:

  • Whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste includes polishing ingredients, such as titanium dioxide or sodium bicarbonate, and by using the toothpaste regularly, you can polish stains from the teeth before they settle deeply into the enamel.
  • Whitening gum. Whitening gum, like whitening toothpaste, often contains mildly abrasive polishers, and it may include ingredients that help dissolve stains, such as malic acid.
  • Water rinses. By rinsing the mouth with water after eating or drinking a dark substance, you can dilute the pigments before they are absorbed. 
  • Straws. By using a straw as you drink a deeply colored beverage, you can limit the time that the colorants spend on the teeth. 
  • Routine cleanings. Routine cleanings limit the amount of yellow tartar that can make teeth appear discolored.

If you would like to have your teeth whitened, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in your local area.