3 Reasons Your Kids Might Be Worried About Getting Braces (And How You Can Help)

Posted on: 14 February 2019

If your child's orthodontist has decided that it's time for him or her to get braces, then your son or daughter might be worried about a lot of different things. It's not uncommon for teens to be nervous or even upset about the idea of getting braces. Listed here are some of the concerns that many children have when it comes to braces and a few ways that you can help.

1. They're Worried About Pain

First of all, many teens are concerned about the pain that can go along with orthodontic treatment. Luckily, most of the time, wearing braces is not painful. There can be some discomfort after they have been tightened or if the wires rub the inside of the cheek or elsewhere in the mouth, however. Encourage your teen to let you know if there is any discomfort so that you can schedule an appointment to solve the problem, if necessary. Additionally, talking to your teen's orthodontist about over-the-counter pain relievers and dental waxes that can help is also ideal.

2. They're Embarrassed

Another common thing that many teens get upset about when it comes to braces is having to wear embarrassing traditional braces. Of course, in many cases, traditional metal braces are the best choice for treatment. They are also often the cheapest orthodontic treatment option. However, there are options out there that might be less embarrassing for your teen, such as clear braces. Talk to your child's orthodontist about orthodontic treatment options that might not be as obvious as traditional braces. If traditional braces end up being the best choice, there are still ways that you can make things a little easier for your teen, such as by encouraging him or her to choose his or her own braces bands. Some teens do this and basically use their braces as an accessory, which can make wearing them a much better experience.

3. They Don't Want to Skip Eating Their Favorite Foods

Lastly, your teen might have heard that he or she can no longer eat certain foods when wearing braces. It is true that sticky, hard or crunchy foods should be avoided when your child is wearing braces, but there are good alternatives. For example, even though tortilla chips should usually be avoided, teens can try using soft pita bread to eat their favorite dips. If you're willing to help your child come up with alternative foods that he or she can eat while wearing braces, then this can make adjusting to life with braces a lot easier for your son or daughter.

Talk to a kids orthodontist to learn more.