Ways A Dentist Helps Prepare Your Teeth For Braces

Posted on: 8 July 2019

Before a person can get braces, he or she will likely have to go to the dentist to have some work done to his or her teeth before the person's teeth are ready for braces. If you are planning on getting braces, you should plan on this, too, and here are some of the things your dentist may need to do to help prepare your teeth for braces.

Takes X-Rays of Your Teeth

Taking X-rays is a standard procedure before braces, and most orthodontists will not only want bitewing X-rays taken, but they will also want a panoramic X-ray taken too. A panoramic X-ray is unique, as it offers one picture of a person's entire mouth. This X-ray will not only show the teeth that are there, but it will also show wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted. Getting X-rays helps a dentist determine if you need work on any of your existing teeth, and it helps an orthodontist determine a game plan for the braces.

Deep Cleans Your Teeth

Secondly, a dentist will help prepare your teeth for braces by offering a deep cleaning of your teeth. While this is not a requirement for braces, it is a good idea to have your teeth cleaned just before getting the braces placed on your teeth. When you get braces, you will have brackets glued to your teeth, and you will have wires running through them. Your braces may stay on for a year or much longer, and during this time it will be harder for you to clean your teeth. If you get them cleaned just before getting braces, it will help your teeth stay healthier while wearing them.

Fixes Any Issues with Your Teeth

It is also important to realize that you should get all issues with your teeth fixed prior to having braces placed on your teeth. While dentists can perform fillings and other types of services on teeth while you have braces, it is so much easier for a dentist to complete these services when he or she does not have to work around braces. Most orthodontists will not place braces on teeth if there are existing cavities in the teeth, so you should make sure you get all the work done prior to getting your braces.

Extracts Teeth That Need to Be Removed

Finally, a dentist may have to extract teeth from your mouth as a way of preparing your mouth for braces. This step is not always needed, but there are times when it is. An example of a time when a person would need this done is when a person has an overcrowded mouth. An overcrowded mouth may contain too many teeth. If this is the case, braces would not work well simply because there would not be enough room for all the teeth to shift into proper alignment. If you get a few teeth removed, the braces would be able to work well, as there would then be plenty of space for your teeth to shift to.

A second example of a time when you might need to have teeth removed is if you were born without permanent teeth in some spots. If this is the case, your dentist might recommend removing the baby teeth in these spots to avoid having gaps when they eventually fall out. The braces you get would be designed to shift your teeth forward to fill in these gaps.

Once you complete these steps with your dentist, your teeth will be ready for braces. You may or may not need all these steps, but it is important to complete any of the steps you do need to have done before you visit your orthodontist to have braces placed on your teeth. To learn more about preparing your mouth for braces, talk to an orthodontist or a dentist in your area.