Orthodontics: Signs That Your Child Needs Braces

Posted on: 6 April 2021

If you notice your child's teeth are growing in a crooked or misaligned manner, you should consider getting orthodontic care for them. When orthodontic conditions affect your kid's dental development, it can hamper their self-esteem and their smile. If your kid's milk teeth take too long to shed or the permanent teeth are showing signs of misalignment, you might start asking whether they need braces. Routine dental checkups for your kids can monitor teeth growth. You'll need an orthodontist to verify whether your child needs braces to correct teeth development abnormalities. Here are signs that your child needs braces.

Crowded or Crooked Teeth

If your child's teeth have grown in a crooked manner, they can trigger gum disease. They will wear out fast due to friction. If they have crowded teeth, it's a sign that they don't have enough space to enable the eruption of permanent teeth. When you notice signs of crooked or crowded teeth, you should call an orthodontics specialist early enough. Orthodontics can remedy misaligned teeth in young kids by installing braces to create space for normal teeth growth.

Disrupted Teeth Growth Timeline

Children lose their baby teeth consistently with their age. Their permanent teeth will grow around the same time they lose their baby teeth. If you discover your child is losing their baby teeth and their permanent teeth are taking longer to erupt, you'll need orthodontics treatment eventually. Braces solve inconsistencies with teeth eruption and growth. Your orthodontic specialist knows how to fix braces to counter the effects of irregular baby teeth loss.

Mouth or Jaw Pain

Orthodontic problems can show up in ways other than teeth misalignment. If your child complains of mouth or jaw pain, it could be an underlying orthodontics problem. You need to get them checked by a trusted pediatric dentist. However, it's only an orthodontist that can diagnose those hidden ortho issues and use braces where necessary.

Teeth Cross Over Either Side

If your child's top and bottom teeth cross over on either side when the mouth is closed, it's a sign of a crossbite. This means that upper and bottom teeth grind, and they wear out easily. An orthodontics specialist can diagnose the crossbite and use braces to align the jaw or teeth depending on the root cause. Remember, it's only an orthodontics specialist who can determine whether your child needs braces. Ortho treatments correct bite issues, provide dental symmetry, and prevent overcrowding. Contact an orthodontics specialist to correct your child's teeth development issues today.