Does Your Tooth Need A Root Canal?

Posted on: 28 February 2022

Do you have a tooth that is causing you problems, and are worried that it needs a root canal? If so, it will help to know some of the warning signs that could indicate that there is a problem that requires a visit to the dentist.

Localized Swelling

You'll want to pay attention to if there is any swelling around the tooth. The need for a root canal is because the pulp of the tooth is infected, so there will likely be some sort of localized swelling around the affected tooth. Some people can feel a bump in their gums around the tooth, but you may be able to see it as well. Take a good look to identify swelling, and get to a dentist if you see it.

Increased Sensitivity

A tooth that needs a root canal is also going to have increased sensitivity. This is likely to happen for items that are both cold and hot, where the sensation is in one tooth rather than your whole mouth. That sensation from the hot or cold item will also linger for a while after it touches the tooth, where it would normally go away quickly. 

Pressure Related Pain

You may also experience pain whenever you bite down with the tooth. It may start as mild discomfort but eventually lead to pain as the infection continues to get worse. You may find that the problem is so bad that you end up chewing with the opposite side of your mouth just to avoid the problematic tooth. 

Changes In Tooth Color

Look at the color of the affected tooth and how it is changed. You may notice that the tooth has become darker over time and as the other symptoms have gotten worse. This is due to the pulp tissue within the tooth being affected and causing a change from within the tooth. It's also why an affected tooth can also change in color after a root canal because that tooth pump is removed and it has an impact on the tooth's color.

Persistent Pain

A problematic tooth that needs a root canal may be in persistent pain. You may depend on using anti-inflammatory pain relievers to help deal with the discomfort, and the pain is always there no matter what. Visit a dentist immediately, because persistent pain is never a good thing to experience with one of your teeth. 

For more information about root canals, contact your local dentist.